Redecker have been producing quality brushes since 1935 and today they manufacture over 600 different products from the finest materials. This best selling Bottle Brush makes cleaning bottles a breeze.

  • Black Tip Bottle Brush. The black tip is designed for vigorous cleaning of hard to reach containers and bottles.Especially effective on sports bottles that have a narrow head. Measures 36cm in length.

  • Champagne Bottle Brush.This brush is the must-have tool for getting into tight necks and ensuring a great scrub for glassware, bottles, tea and coffee sprouts, vases and decanters.

  • Bottle Brush with Wood Handle. An essential cleaning tool for any kitchen sink, this sturdy Redecker bottle brush features a crafted beechwood handle that makes cleaning bottles, canisters and vases a breeze.

  • XL

Made in Germany

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