Soften, plump and firm the skin, support collagen production, and create a mindful daily ritual with a balancing body balm that blends certified organic plant lipids with skin synergistic botanicals and extracts. Three scents:

  • Amber: A rich and meditative treatment to condition the skin and balance the body and mind. Aromatic amber layers atop warm lavandin, supported by a base of spicy clove.

  • Saltbush: A clean and vibrant treatment to restore vitality to the body and stimulate emotional clarity. Fragrant saltbush layers atop green sage, balanced by gentle musk undertones.

  •  Peony: A lush and intoxicating daily treatment to pamper the skin and enhance emotional wellbeing. Delicate peony blossom blends with sweet mint, enhanced by notes of light citrus verbena.
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