Classic shaped mug perfect for coffee, tea & other beverages; lightweight, shatterproof & easy to clean. Not suitable for microwave. In three patterns:

Bats: This artwork features a line up of 19 vintage cricket bats originating from the ‘70’s and ‘80’s. 

Don's Football:The image on this enamel mug shows a superb vintage Australian Rules football, (circa 1930's). Robert S Don manufactured footballs, soccer & rugby balls, amongst other things, from a factory in Minnie St Brunswick in Victoria. 

Tour Leader: The image on this enamel mug shows four classic Australian vintage cycling jerseys; three bearing the names of racing teams of the 60's,  (Borsari Cycles, Raleigh Dunlop & Malvern Star) & the other being the leader's jersey from the Sun Tour of the mid '70's as worn by John Trevorrow.  ...

Golf Club: The image on this enamel mug shows six classic Australian vintage golf clubs bearing the signatures of club professionals from the '70's & '80's.  

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