Chinese Checkers - Premium

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Chinese Checkers is a timeless family favourite the world over. This premium rendition of the game offers a level of quality not seen before. Made entirely from linden ply (a refined timber used in guitar making) and finished with engraved artwork inspired by antique playing boards of the 1940’s, this set is an absolute joy to play with. The playing stones are truly unique to this set. Six beautiful semi-precious gem stone marbles bring this board to life as a designer piece for the home and as a forever hand me down for the next generation. Contrary to its name, Chinese Checkers originated in Europe in 1892 as a star shaped version of the American game “Halma”. The 6 pointed star caters for two, three or six players – making this a family classic. Each player must use strategy and nous to block opponents and hop their ten gem stone marbles to the opposite star point first. Designed in Australia.

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