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If you're looking for the ultimate chopping board, any butcher or professional chef will tell you, an endgrain cutting board is the best you can get. Sandsmade  endgrain boards are gentler on your knife edges and will self heal cut marks over time. When cutting on an endgrain cutting board, the knife edge cuts between the wood fibers rather than severing them saving your knife edge.

The Chef Block No.1 is the perfect size for preparing and serving a smaller meal and light enough to easily wash up in your sink. This board has a gentle curve in the top surface to stop juices from food from spilling onto your table or countertop.

Dimensions: 250 Ø x 30 mm
Finish: Organic Coconut Oil

The Endgrain Chef Block No.3 is designed with large hand holds on each side, making the board easy to carry, wash and move around the kitchen. The hand holds are also designed to allow a plate or serving board to slide underneath allowing you to transfer food or scraps onto another surface. The board has four high quality non-slip rubber feet which stabilise the board

Dimensions: 400 x 400 x 57 mm

Finish: Organic Coconut Oil

As with all Sandsmade products, the Endgrain Chef Blocks are made with the highest quality, sustainably harvested (FSC approved), US grown hardwoods.

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