The perfect set for your skin care routine.

Face Rolling is an ancient beauty technique used throughout Asia. The coolness of the quartz stone soothes hot inflamed skin and tightens the pores, while the gentle rolling pressure encourages healthy lymphatic drainage. We recommend using your face roller in the mornings to help reduce red, puffy skin, improved skin tone and brighten your complexion.

Facial GuaSha is a muscular healing technique rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Facial guasha aims to soften tight muscles, encourage health micro-circulation, and release any tension held in the face. We recommend using your guasha stone in the evenings to help relax your muscles from the days activities. Pay extra attention to any area of pain and use long soothing strokes down the neck to help clear stress buildup.


Each set comes in handmade japanese fabric bags in a beautiful gift box. Each fabric bag is unique.

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