Make your week work for you with the elegant organisation of Studio Milligram's 2022 Agenda Diary.

For busy lives and organised minds, Studio Milligram's Agenda Diary gives you the space to plan effectively, with a flexible style you can adapt to your tastes. Each open page greets you with a view of your week on the left page, and spaces on the right for you to plan your next steps and take notes to make sure nothing slips by you. To help you keep on top of the bigger picture, the Agenda Diary also gives you room to make monthly notes and action-plans so you can always see the forest for the trees.

Featuring a premium Dutch Linen cover and presented in a hard slip case, the Agenda Diary is an elegant and professional companion that makes it easy to stay organised year-round.

A5 (15 x 21cm)

B5 (18cm x 25cm)

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